Friday, February 19, 2010

Outdoor Sculpting

I started a painting last week. I found a small pre-stretched canvas in one of my closets and I decided I would just paint in a background. I ended up painting more than just a background. Some imagery I had been throwing around finally could be used. I sketched one figure on the canvas the next day and then the second figure was giving me some trouble so I stared at my painting for awhile, and then a little longer and then it was time to make dinner. I left my painting up in my studio and I have yet to return to it. All the while I keep thinking about it, up there all alone, unfinished. Only to be looked at by my cats. I think I have finally come to a conclusion about the final look of the piece. I just have to execute the following: add two more figures and decide the color scheme. Sounds simple... however I am one of those peculiar types that cannot make myself be creative at the drop of a hat. I have to be in the mood. And sadly the mood only seems to take hold of me once in a while. I seem to rely on other distractions to continue my laziness.
For example, yesterday I decided to spend my afternoon building my dog a snow fort to sleep in. After two hours of shoveling snow into a semi circle and packing it down to make sturdy walls and the gathering of many branches to construct a roof of sorts, I felt that I was finished. I had created a little place for my dog to be sheltered from wind and rain. I was freezing, tired and annoyed (at the difficulty level of making snow walls) and above all excited to see my husky crawl into her fortress and looking lovingly into my eyes. So I put my dog out to see what she thought and she immediately took the branches off the fort one by one, dragging them all over the yard. She then proceeded to trample my snow walls, bite at them and dig into them. What was most hurtful about this act was that she had watched me make this thing for her... for two hours. I must admit I half way expected her to destroy it. But I had convinced myself that she might like the shelter and understand its purpose and therefore not kill it. But being only 10 months old I guess my expectations of her were too high.
Going back to my laziness, most days I watch tv until about two hours from when my boyfriend comes home, then I rush about the house cleaning and I start dinner.
Some days dog walks are included. And that is my life at the moment.

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