Thursday, February 11, 2010

I am leaving on a jet plane

Soon I will be flying to California. It will be my two year anniversary march 1st. Went by fast.
While I am back home I am going to snag a few photos of my dad. I guess in the move I left him behind. I plan to make several "ode to my father" pieces. One portrait made from his stamp collection and then preserved in bees wax. Two drawings pen/pencil, not sure yet, but they will both include logging references. And if I can, I will make a fourth composition which is unknown to me at this time. When finished, one piece will go to my mom, another for my brother and then one for me. The fourth is still just an if at the moment. My dad died in a logging accident almost twenty years ago. With father's day around the corner I felt my family and I deserve something to remind us of him. My hope is that I can pull this off accurately. This will be an emotional process for me and I will strive to pull through and deliver my best. Time does not heal all wounds.

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  1. sending love and laughter your way ..

    mona & the girls ..

    & popcorn & good movies .....