Monday, May 24, 2010

in the absence of blogging...

migration to the midwest occurred. A charity painting made its way to Oregon and helped make a little money for medical research. A composition of clouds is waiting to be created. A friend purchased my dream girl. Met some new friends who want me to show them how to make charcoal comply with their creative visions. I planted a small garden. Summer has come out to play. I am craving the black soot embedded in my finger prints. I ordered candy online weeks ago, it still has not arrived ... my sweet tooth is going through withdrawals.

Words that have been giving me ideas ... thoughts I am toying with.

· covet

· stumble upon

· art as sport

· evolution of thought process and style

· deformity

· odd

· squeamish

· vanity

· conventional beauty vs. strangely captivating ugliness

· self destruction series

· legend

I am looking forward to warm summer nights, iced coffee, sun kissed skin, fireflies and a sketch book filled cover to cover by yours truly.

1 comment:

  1. we look forward 2 being able 2 feel a little closer by seeing your scetch's this summer ..

    always a bed made 4 ya .. momma mo