Friday, February 5, 2010

day 708

First Blog Entry.

708 days ago I became a different person. Now that the lungs residing within my chest are not my original set... to say the least, life is different.

For the past five years I have been attending college. I finished my degree post transplant. Now my days are filled with menial tasks ... my self-worth is composed of keeping a clean house and cooking. Skip a day of chores and the self esteem drops. Job opportunities are scarce, my lack of immune system kills my chances for any normal job with social interaction. Exposure to people = germs.
So how does one make money while staying at home? It seems that most options turn out to be a scam ... infamous pyramid schemes, surveys or the buy products in bulk and sell them back to other customers gig. None of these options appeal to me. I am not a settler. I hold out for things that I want in life. Therefore my money making endeavor must incorporate my interests.
My art work seems to be my most promising career path. The problem: ever hear of the phrase "starving artist" ... it's so true. Not that my work is undesirable, it is just few and far between. The starving part refers to this dilemma - spend my last few bucks on groceries or canvas. The materials are so very expensive. Why, a tube of cobalt blue oil paint could cost anywhere from $28- $64. That is one 37ml tube. Countless other materials are needed to make a successful composition that could one day grace the walls of an art gallery or even perhaps be invited into a stranger's home.
With not much in my pocket I am hoping to persevere in a bad economy. I strive to manifest my imagination into something tangible, something worthy of trading for money. Don't be confused, I am not a sellout who creates Kinkade garbage to make please a dull audience. I want my art to provoke an emotion, a thought process and genuine wonderment.


i am a wanderer amongst my own imagination. i want to show the world what is in my mind. uncensored curiosity. taboo. i am of body, mind and graphite. fascinated by the unusual but beautiful. i have a gluttonous appetite for the surrealist style. i believe in altering reality within art. learn from conventional thought but make your own rules. i draw the line.

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